My Story - Psychic Readings and My Path

Hi, I'm Jeani Middleton. Thank you for visiting my website.

Have you ever wanted to know how to connect with your guides?

As a a psychic channel, I combine my intuitive abilities and training to help you connect with your guides.  I can help you facilitate with life decisions and future insights that may bring you to your true passion.  

Great day to meet John Edward

How I got started

Ever since I was 5 or so, I remember "seeing" and talking to, what parents liked to call,  "imaginary" friends. I  know now, they were my guides and I had begun a journey that would change me forever.

And then life happened. I had a career, married and had a daughter. As the years progressed, I was able to continue to question and pursue the spiritual and psychic side of my abilities.

Then I met my mentor, friend and great teacher, Sandy Anastasi in 2010. My life was changed forever. Through her training and guidance, I have fully developed my psychic abilities.

Thanks to Sandy, I was able to meet her friend and former student, world renowned psychic medium, John Edward.